Smart Homescreen Launcher launches ‘Yahoo Aviate’ for Android!

  aviate-app-635 Web company Yahoo released its smart homescreen launcher for Android devices. This launcher app from Yahoo, Aviat, has been in beta for a long time, now released as the final version.

  The Aviat application is an ‘intelligent’ launcher that will individually adjust the homescreen of your Android device to suit different times of day. Using software, it functions according to user habits and acts accordingly. It is fast and efficient.

  When you install Yahoo Aviate on your Android smartphone, these are some of the changes that will make the phone homescreen:

  After you set the option, Avit will tell you how long you stay asleep when you get up and start using the phone.
  This will make it easier for you to use various productivity applications on the screen in the office.
  While on the road, Aviat will show you the traffic conditions and the route back to your destination.
  After dinner, the app will provide reviews of various foods and restaurants.
  When the headphones are plugged in, the music app will appear and listen to the music, showing concerts, tweets and other information about the artist
  If you want to download Yahoo Aviat for free, please visit this Google Play link.

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