Sony Walkman has come to shake the market again

  435296-sony-nwz-zx1 After a long shutdown, the Walkman is back in a new form. This Walkman model NWZ-ZX1 is very expensive. The new Walkman, however, will not operate cassettes like the Walkman three years ago. It has some smart features.

  This can be compared to the iPod Touch. But its thickness is 1.5 mm and weighs 5 grams which is more than iPod touch. It has been available in the Japanese market since last December. However, when the US arrives in the market is still not clear. Sony costs US $ 5, which is three times more than the iPod Touch. The gadget has been discussed due to its high price.

  However, Sony’s product manager said, “Our message to the engineers was to make an excellent gadget without worrying about the price.”

  According to Sony, its features will compensate for its price. This gadget is mainly for those who do not agree on the quality of audio. It can play 25 bit 32 kHz FLAC format audio. It has 3 band equalizers and other features. There is also a 2 to 6 pixel display that can play HD video. Sony is thinking that its 120GB storage and 12-hour battery backup are bound to make the song crazy.

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