Oneplus 3

  Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is also known by many as ‘flagship killer’. Their new device comes with OnePlus 5 phone. The company, which is owned by Epo Electronics, makes flagship specifications and performance Android smartphones on par with the flagship Samsung, HTC and even the iPhone. In many cases, OnePlus offers specification phones at around half the cost of expensive flagship phones. The new OnePlus 5 smartphone will feature all specifications, designs and features. There is very little space above and below the screen, which is in line with the current trend.

  OnePlus 5 specification
  5 inch 6 x GPU AMOLD screen (3 PPI), 5: 3
  Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection
  Oxygen OS 3.0 based on Android 4.1.1
  Snapdragon 3 processor
  1 GB / 1 GB RAM; 1GB / 120GB Storage
  No memory card slot
  20 megapixels + 1 megapixel back camera, flash
  5 megapixel front camera
  Fingerprint sensor on the back
  Bluetooth 4.1, Dual SIM, USB-C port
  1 mAh battery, half an hour charging will last all day.
  Oneplus 3

  The OnePlus 4 smartphone has very few bezels at the top and bottom of the display, to a large extent the Huawei Mate 1 Pro and Google Pixel 2 phones. The headphone jack is even more surprising. So the most commonly used headphones of your current 1.5 millimeter jack will run on this phone. OnePlus 5 smartphone will go on the market on 27 November. It costs 5 dollars, which will be 1 thousand in Bangladeshi money. Subscribe to this link now and follow on social media to get all the related technical information from your blog directly in

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