this is the one plus to review the oneplus 2 has been out for a little bit of time now and you still need an invite to get it and you probably will for some time but the 1+2 basically takes last year’s flagship killer model for inexpensive prices and ups the specs basically so what we have here is the 64 gigabyte model it’s also available in 16 gigabytes it comes in at 329 or 389 depending on which one you get the 64 gigabyte model basically looks the same this time around we have a sandstone back and they’ve basically changed the specs inside the screen remains the same size in fact here’s a one plus one right next to it they’ve added a fingerprint reader on the front but basically the rest of it stays pretty similar now when it comes to the design of the phone they’ve taken the last year’s model kept the sandstone feel with swappable backs and we’ll talk about that in a moment but what they’ve done is really made the build quality a lot a lot better instead of being sandstone or plastic basically is what this is around the sides we now have metal and so on this side you can see there’s a power sleep wake button a volume rocker and these buttons are not mushy like last year’s model they’re nice and click buttons and they work really well and feel very solid on the top we have a microphone 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this side we have a notification switch something other phones definitely should add so we can change this I turn this on and I slide the switch all the way up it says alarms only slide it down priority interruptions only and all notifications it’s a really nice addition to Android phones and many others should consider a similar thing on the bottom we have a USB type-c port and speaker and microphone so this is a really nice layout somewhat controversial with the USBC i really like it because it’s the future and where everything is headed it’s just not quite there yet but you can get the cables from them for about ten dollars so it’s really nice and works really well and feels solid on the back we just have our camera we have a laser focusing system the checks for distance and then dual LED flash as for the swappable backs they’ve actually got for this time around before they just had bamboo they also had the white back and the sandstone back now we have black apricot bamboo rosewood and Kevlar so let’s pop this back off we can do that just grab under here and pull this is it feels really solid when it’s in place but it’s flimsy plastic so it feels nice it’s really grippy but if you don’t like that you can get bamboo these are all about twenty eight dollars or so and then you have to pay for shipping so it’s plastic inside it looks like it has these two connectors for an antenna of some sort that’s probably built into here and then it clips on the back now while we have the back off you’ll see it doesn’t have a removable battery or expandable storage so that’s one downside to it but it is a good size battery 3300 milliamp hours so that should get you pretty easily through a day and then we have a dual SIM card slot so this dual SIM card slot and I’ve taken them out and put them in my current daily driver but we’ve got dual sim card slots that allows mostly for people overseas I believe that switch between a lot of different carriers depending where they are but it’s really nice so you could have in the United States you could have AT&T and t-mobile in there and or t-mobile and go to Canada maybe pop in Roger sim cards or whatever you might have it could help with that let’s put this back on here just snaps into place it does add a little bit of thickness on the back here and it looks really nice I think it feels good especially if you like bamboo they’re going to be a little bit different each one you get since it is natural wood but it looks really nice feels nice and smooth and goes nicely over the edges so it’s really really nice there one of the things one plus chose to keep is the 1080p display instead of having a larger display or a higher pixel density display they’ve kept a 5.5 inch 1080p display and that really saves on battery and its really nice looking it’s a 401 pixel per inch LCD and it looks really good so let’s go ahead and unlock it using the fingerprint sensor and the fingerprint sensor is really hit or miss the idea is if you turn it on go to unlock it put your finger on it will actually unlock so it is locked and it works really well sometimes so you see it worked really quickly there but some people have recently reported and I have to say that I have the same issues this home button doesn’t work so great especially when you’re holding it tighter you hit it and sometimes it’s hit or miss it’s responsive and then it’s not responsive and then it’s responsive and then it’s not responsive and then it’s responsive it’s working fine now but I found in the six days that I used it is my daily driver that it was really hit or miss and the software buttons probably would be better for most you can customize it and have buttons up here or you can use this as a home button and just use this as the fingerprint reader it just depends what you want it’s fully customizable the back and forward buttons are back and app button there works fine but when it comes to this button it’s really hit or miss unless you’re holding the phone like I am right now then it works really really well oxygen OS is one pluses version of Android that they basically do very little to but add a couple custom features so you can see it’s two point zero point one on top of android 5.1 point one so let’s go back home let’s turn it off and you’ll see it has a couple features so if I do a V this is similar to the one plus it will turn on the flashlight do a V again it shuts off if I do a circle it will turn on the camera go back home if I double tap the home screen it will turn on that’s a great feature i wish all phones would include if i go into the phone and go to customization we also have a dark mode where we can change the theme we can also change the accent colors to the theme so that’s pretty nice you have that ability as well so if i want the accent color to be orange I can hit orange and everything changes to orange in the dark mode so you’ve got that option as well if you go to buttons you actually have on-screen navigation bar so like I said before it might work better if the home buttons not working for you we also can swap the button so back and apps that are running so I actually swapped those turn on backlight for capacitive keys which are those keys which I like and we also have long press actions so we can do the search assistant and all of these different custom actions within within this OS we can also double tap create a double tap action long press action it’s pretty customizable but not so much so that it intrudes on stock Android I can also customize the notification drawer I hit this little icon here it allows me to move things around so maybe I want this over here want bluetooth up here whatever we want we hit save and it goes back the cameras on this phone are really pretty good we have a five megapixel forward facing camera and we have a 13 megapixel camera on the back the camera is really good last year’s camera was very good this one is probably a little bit better but I wouldn’t say it’s phenomenally better they’re both pretty good though so let’s turn this on we can go quickly into the camera and here you can see the camera itself let me put the back behind it so we have something to kind of look at here so we’re in the video camera let’s change this we can change resolutions to 4k or 720p or whatever we want we can go get some higher frame rates at 720p or use ultra HD there let’s go here you can switch to the forward facing camera you can see the camera i’m recording with right there we can swipe in from this side and switch to the photo camera and let’s take a picture right here it’s pretty fast takes pretty nice pictures and you can see it’s it’s pretty clear it’s it’s a really nice picture and i think for most people unless they’re crazy photographers this is going to be a great camera I’ve taken some really good pictures with this haven’t been anywhere that’s terribly exciting to take some really great pictures but it’s it’s a really great camera and will be more than sufficient for most people let’s talk about the internals a little bit that’s one thing they bumped with this version we now have a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that means it’s a 1.8 giga hertz octa-core CPU so we have eight processors we also have an adrenal 430 GPU four gigabytes of RAM and we also have 64 gigabytes of internal storage in this particular this particular variant so it’s incredibly fast specs now I have to say when I first started using this and like I said I used it for six days straight the first couple days I found her incredibly laggy actually the first day was really laggy I was moving around it just didn’t feel as fast as it should be and one thing if you saw my unboxing and first setup video is it asked me for the language to be Chinese to begin with now I don’t know what kind of issue they might have been there I don’t know what might have I might have set up weird but it didn’t recognize some things when i was first setting it up so what I did is I actually fully wiped the phone did a full factory reset and then restarted from scratch and it was much faster now it wasn’t great it’s not galaxy note5 great and it still isn’t it’s much it’s it’s not slower really too much but it’s a little choppy it just doesn’t feel fast in places and I don’t know if that screen responsiveness or what but sometimes I just felt like it was it was way more laggy than I would have expected using something like the Moto G and getting very little lag i found this occasionally to lag in weird places and i don’t know if that’s the type of processor that’s in there or not and a lot of people complain about that processor getting really hot and i do have to say that this bar right here gets being that it’s metal actually gets pretty warm after a few days of using this an update actually came out from one plus for this I didn’t get it didn’t get it so then I decided to flash it on my own and that actually improved screen response fingerprint sensitivity it seemed to anyway and helped with battery life as well while we’re on the topic of the processor and it kind of hanging up a little bit let me show you some of the specs though I did some geek bench tests and you can see this device got 4541 on this particular test there’s the galaxy s5 the Kindle Fire galaxy note 10 over here here’s the Geekbench scores for single and multi core so pretty good obviously let’s swipe left we’ve got an 22 benchmarks so again 40 9715 there’s the one plus one so it gives you an idea of we’ll speed difference not hugely faster in fact I actually use the one plus one at times next to it and it felt faster and snappier in certain locations so not sure why that is but here you can see the actual score itself so it’s pretty good I really can’t complain benchmark wise whatsoever now the battery inside is a 3300 milliamp hour battery it doesn’t support fast charging and it’s actually pretty large but it takes a couple hours to charge now when I’m using it I found that the first couple days it wasn’t so great and the updates and things improved it as I updated it but i found it wasn’t so great now i did have a lot of apps open and i was using it really heavily so I found I had to plug it in around noon I unplug it from the charger around seven have to plug it in around noon and I’d have about thirty to forty percent battery at that time now after using it regularly and closing all my apps and using it after they did the update which helped improve battery I was able to get through a full workday and then just plug it in while I was in the car or when I got home and I had no problem but at this point I thought it’d be a little bit better but maybe I was just using it a little bit heavier than I usually do i really like the device I think it’s built extremely well and wish it was just a little bit better than it is for those who actually use their phone still for calls I used it to make about three phone calls while I was using it as my daily driver and it was very clear I had no reception issues they could hear me well and I could hear them well my antenna signal was very strong in fact I wanted to show you this too while I had my other phone here I actually have my six plus with my sim card in it and you can see here there’s two dots or two bars signal and let me pop the sim card out and put it in here and show you what signal I get here usually I found that the 1+2 got better signal than the iphone or many other phones that I’ve tried so let me show you that here take a look at the signal you can see we have about three bars it dropped to well maybe two or three I find most places I get one or two more bars more than I do with many other phones so i thought the reception on this was pretty good the actual call quality the connectivity to data and every like that I found to be really good the speaker on this phone is ok I wouldn’t say it’s great it’s a little bit tinny and it doesn’t go terribly loud in fact with the latest update a lot of people complain that it actually went down in volume so that’s definitely going to be a concern for some people I think it’s clear enough for most but I think if you compared it to something like a note 5 for example the note 5 goes much louder than this phone and so that might be a concern for some people who use it for music regularly the display is really nice and it goes pretty bright not quite as bright as some of the high-end smartphones today but it’s definitely brighter than the last generation let me show you right now it’s about halfway down and it’s also on auto brightness so if I go in to display and turn it off and turn it all the way up like it is now kind of blows out the camera here it’s a little too bright for the camera and in sunlight if you’re in a really bright and sunny state or part of the world this might be not bright enough for you but it’s definitely better than last generation so if you had one of those to compare that would definitely help I think the real question at this point is should you buy this phone for about four hundred dollars after tax and shipping or should you hold out for something else and go for maybe even last year’s one plus one I would say that if you don’t care about having the latest and greatest pick up the oneplus one because you’ll save a little bit of money unless you have to have the features that this one has I think it’s a great phone but I don’t think it’s really the next flagship killer and also one thing I forgot to mention is it’s lacking NFC so those of you that use NFC for either payments to set up automatic things even when setting up this phone to use tap and go it I couldn’t do it because it just didn’t have it built in so that’s kind of unfortunate and I really wish they would have just spent the extra probably ten cents or whatever it cost to put a little coil in there for NFC I wish they would have put that in there it would have been worth the extra ten dollars or whatever they needed to charge for it it’s definitely something that it could use in a flagship

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