this is the 1 plus 7 Pro and this actually came out today unless you’re in a major city like New York City or LA or Chicago it’s available today Friday at t-mobile in the United States and it offers a lot for the price so let’s go ahead and unbox it we’ll take a look at what’s in the box set it up and then see what it’s like to use and kind of get a first impressions of it overall and thanks to my brother-in-law for giving me this nice knife I needed a nice knife in order to unbox things so I appreciate that and let’s go ahead and open it up now this comes in at 669 $6.99 or 749 depending on which model you get and which specification so let’s see what we’ve got inside here and this is a pretty big phone and I’ll show you a comparison in just a moment so let’s take a look at what we’ve gotten here so we get a case along with it it’s just a simple clear TPU case so that’s kind of nice and we’ve got some documentation in here it looks like we’ve got a SIM card removal tool we’ve got a SIM card if you don’t have one already and then we’ve got a welcome start guide and some stickers in our moment and in a different language or maybe our warranty as well so some stickers here as well so let’s take the phone out and before we look at this it’s actually got some pretty good weight to it let’s see what we’ve got here so this is the new warp charger this is pretty big but it should charge at 30 watts so that’s pretty nice here 5 volts you can see here I don’t know if you can see that and let’s see what we’ve got here I think we just have a cable for the charger there we go and this looks like it’s just a cable for the charger USB type a 2 USB C and it’s got these little rubber covers on there so you have to use this in order to warp charge it but it’s just USB C so let’s go ahead and unwrap it here so this is the nebula blue color in fact they only had a couple of these nearby and there’s also a mirror gray but that’s kind of a generic color so I really wanted this nebula blue that reflects light it’s pretty nice let’s take a look around the outside so we’ll talk about the specs in just a moment but on the right side we’ve got our power button here we’ve also got a little switch for silent in our different vibrate modes on the back we’ve got a camera we’ll talk more about those in a moment three cameras on the top we have our pop up camera in a microphone and then on the other side we’ve got a little volume rocker and then on the bottom we’ve got our sim card tray USBC microphone and a speaker now let’s pop out the SIM card tray I do not believe there is expandable storage there’s a little o-ring around there but it looks like we’ve got a nano SIM that will fit in there does not look like it’s dual SIM for the United States at least and that’s it glass front and back really nice no wireless charging though so let’s take a look at the specs we’ll go over all of them and then we’ll power it on and see what it’s like to set up in to use the phone itself so internally we have a Snapdragon 855 with an Adreno 640 GPU it comes in six eight or twelve gigabytes of RAM and this particular model is eight gigabytes of RAM it’s got 128 gigabytes for a base storage but this is the 256 gigabyte model and it also has UF s3 storage so it should be a lot faster on the back we have three different cameras the first being a 48 megapixel F 1.6 aperture and that’s just your standard lens with an 8 megapixel telephoto at F 2.4 and then you’ve got a 16 megapixel ultra wide at F 2.2 it has a hundred and seventeen degree field of view and then we’ve also got a dual LED flash the front camera is a 16 megapixel F 2.0 aperture with the ability to record 1080p 30 internally we have a four thousand milliamp hour battery now let’s go ahead and boot it up and we’ll talk about the display as it’s turning on wait for it to turn on here there we go I felt it move a little but it’s six point six seven inches corner to corner and it’s 3120 by 1440 with 560 pixels per inch it’s a fluid AMOLED display that should have a 90 Hertz refresh rate and also supports the p3 wide color gamut now the bad thing about it is there’s no headphone jack and there’s no wireless charging other than that it’s pretty well loaded so let’s go ahead and set this up so we’ll go ahead and hit start will agree to the terms well hit user experience you can join this or you don’t have to system stability program push notifications and then come and connect to a mobile network I’ll skip this for now and do that later and connect it to Wi-Fi for now while we’re waiting for it to check for updates let me show you a quick size comparison between three different devices so here I have an iPhone 10’s max so it gives you an idea of size and then also an S 10 plus so it’s a little bit taller than the S 10 plus or the 10s max and it looks like it’s similar with to the others so it’s very close in size to the s 10 plus so now it’s asking me if I want to copy data and I’ll do that a little bit later but in general I want to copy information either from my iPhone or my S 10 plus and then we can sign in with Google again I’ll do this later so we can take a quick look at the OS and see what oxygen OS is like so we’ll go ahead and hit accept and now we have an under the screen fingerprint sensor so let me just set up a quick password here and let’s set up the fingerprint so this has an under the screen fingerprint like the previous generation but it’s supposed to be bigger and it’s definitely faster to respond then say the s 10 plus when you reach when you’re trying to set this up next edge input there we go so it should be pretty quick to actually use that fingerprint reader and then it says you’ve got the different gestures that are typical I actually like the v-j sir for the flashlight on the S or the oneplus devices and then we’ll do double tap to wake and I’ll probably set those up later now here’s screen calibration this is vivid natural and advanced and I actually prefer natural most of the time but we’ll leave it on vivid this time around so this is actually a font selection and you can see it says Roboto or we can use the oneplus font and I actually like the Roboto font which is stock Android will disagree to the t-mobile data collection and here is the home screen so that’s the home screen and it looks pretty nice it’s kind of interesting to have this giant display that is not impeded by any notches or or infinity O’s or anything like that it’s really nice and this slider on the side is for silent vibrate and then a ring which I always appreciate I don’t know why they don’t add that to more Android phones let’s take a look at the camera quick and if we flip the camera around it pops out at the top so that’s kind of interesting there we’ve got this little camera we can push on it it feels pretty strong though let’s turn it around and it closes turn it back on and it pops back up so it’s a little magnetic motor that moves it back and forth and then of course for the rear facing camera we have wide in ultra wide and zoom so that’s pretty nice and I’m imagining this is going to be very fast just like it was with the oneplus 60 that was an incredibly fast device and I really liked that but I’ll have to customize this over the next few days and like I said it is oxygen OS let’s take a look and you can see here is the build number currently I’ll see if there’s any updates but it’s nine point five point four four oxygen OS and I’m not sure if this will be able to opt in it into the Android Q beta but some of the other one plus phones can do that as well so one thing that the oneplus 7 pro has that not many other Android phones have or any iPhones is a 90 Hertz refresh rate and it’s incredibly smooth when I’m going back and forth if I bring over a pixel 3xl I’m not sure you’ll be able to see this but there is a difference and it’s it’s very slight but there’s just such a nice smoothness to this display something else that the oneplus 7 pro also offers is DC dimming now I have to get an update first before the before this will be available but that will allow the screen to be dimmed using DC power or basically regulating the voltage instead of flickering the display so traditionally Oh LEDs flicker the display to change the brightness and how you see it and it can bother your eyes like it does myself and this display actually has a feature where that will limit the flicker so it should help a lot with this OLED but I have to get an update to see that so this is really nice I really like this color and I’ll be using this over the next few days probably as my main phone just to see what it’s like and then I’ll go from there but let’s see how the fingerprint reader is let’s see there we go it’s fast but it didn’t wake the screen up so you have to wake the screen first unlike the Samsung Galaxy so I’ll mess around with those settings later but it’s much faster than the Galaxy phones but it is a little bit less secure supposedly because it’s an image as opposed to ultrasonic but these are the stock apps that are installed and then if we scroll up we’ve got the oneplus community stuff but nothing really too crazy other than a couple t-mobile apps that come with it and it says unlock your device’s network locked I’ll be sure to unlock that since this is paid for outright but other than that it’s a really nice phone and like I said I’ll get it set up get my apps customized to it and let me know what you think in the comments below if there’s anything specifically you want to see that you’re not seeing elsewhere I think the camera should be pretty


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