this is the oneplus X the oneplus X is one plus is latest phone to come out now originally up until today which is actually when I’m filming this review on the 15th of December this actually was invite-only and today they actually announced that it’s no longer invite-only so now you can go out and get one of these you can also get a one plus one and A one plus two so this company has been around for about a year or two actually and for those of you that are unfamiliar with one plus one plus is the actual company here’s their symbol right here and they got a lot of media attention because they were the company that allowed you to get their phones but through invite-only not only that but they also gave you really high end specs for a really inexpensive price compared to everyone else so this is kind of more of a design focused phone as opposed to really high-end specs but it is very reasonably priced so this particular device is two hundred and forty nine dollars this is the onyx black option there’s also another option that was made in limited production and is really only available outside of the United States and this that’s a ceramic back so instead of this back mean Gorilla Glass it’s actually ceramic this is the Onyx black the ceramic one like I said isn’t available here in the United States where I am so this is what I had to find in purchase so this particular model runs android 5.1.1 or dot 1.1 and is covered by oxygen OS and that’s one plus his own slight modification to the operating system it’s very slight and i’ll show you some more about that in a moment but let’s first talk about the design now this phone is very reminiscent of an iPhone 4 and that to me is not a bad thing because that was one of my favourite iPhone designs however they took what was good about that phone and expanded upon it so where that phone had stainless steel around the outside this phone has steel or aluminum but this is ridged so if I bring this up closer and what you’ll see is this is actually a ridged or kind of knurled finish here so it’s more gripping now on this side we actually have our notification switch so we’ve got three positions you’ll see it’s in this position we’ve got a middle position in a bottom position and what this allows it to do is allows us to filter notifications so we have all notifications important notifications and no notifications and really every Android phone at this point should have it they introduced it with the one plus two on the front it’s got a 5-inch display it’s gorilla glass on the front and the back and this five inch display is really pretty nice it’s a 1080p OLED display pretty good there it’s 441 pixels per inch so really high resolution very clear and we’ll turn this on in a moment and then on the top here we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack a little microphone a little slit because this is part of the antenna on this side we have our SIM tray slot and this is actually a dual SIM card tray but if we only want one SIM card we have the benefit of adding expandable storage so that’s really nice and we’ll pop that out in a moment we have a volume rocker up and down in our power sleep/wake button if we move on to the bottom we’ve got a microphone and a speaker and then a microUSB port so instead of the oneplus 2 where it has a USB see this has the old-fashioned microUSB which isn’t really a bad thing probably you probably have quite a few of those connectors if you have Android phones or windows phones or anything other than an iPhone basically on the back it’s got a very nice camera it’s a 13 megapixel camera and it has an F 2.2 aperture and it takes 1080p video no 4k right now and it’s pretty nice it does 720p and slo-mo as well at 120 frames per second and then we have our LED flash now on the front we have an 8 megapixel camera with an F 2.4 aperture we’ve got our speaker here and that’s pretty much it as far as the phone is concerned now this design I really like it but it is a huge fingerprint magnet just from touching it and moving it around like this you can see I’ve got some smudges on here there’s many on the front but they’ve put a pretty good oleophobic coating so when you touch the front you don’t see too many smudges now along with the phone you get the normal charger let me grab this here to show you so you’ve got this nice flattened cable which is the normal charger USB to AC just like this just plug this in and works with anything it doesn’t have fast charging and then you’ve just got your normal micro USB this is included it’s a flat cable and then you can just tie it up like this so it’s really nice now because this is such a slippery device they actually include a case with it to a real thin kind of flimsy case but it adds some grip so if we pop this on here it gives the back not as nice of a look but it works fine and definitely adds the needed grip this is one of the most slippery if not the most slippery phones I’ve used probably and since the he would say Nexus 4 the Nexus 4 was super slippery anywhere you put it it slid all over the place the weight of this phone is is pretty light it’s actually four point eight six ounces without this case on it so really really light it’s not heavier bulky or anything like that and the specs are pretty good inside we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 which means it’s a 2.3 gigahertz quad-core processor it’s getting the Drina 330 GPU 3 gigabytes of RAM and this comes with 16 gigabytes of storage now let’s pop out the SIM card tray so I can show you exactly how this works here now I don’t have a SIM card in it right now I did before but let me give you an idea you just pop this in here it comes with this little tool pop this in and push pops out the SIM card tray and it’s an extra long SIM card tray so what you have here is the ability and this little piece here moves a little bit but you’ve got the ability to put in a SIM card SIM card or a micro SD card sideways so it’s really nice you’ve got those options now if you want both SIM cards at once and you’re traveling you can’t put that SD card in so that’s kind of a pain but I think for most people this is a great option and it should work pretty well so if we pop this back in here I’ve got that in place and it’s nice and flush as well so let’s turn it on and like I said before it runs android 5.1.1 with oxygen OS now oxygen OS actually adds some gestures on top and let me show you those while the home screens off so one of the gestures is to turn on the flashlight so you’ve got this little LED light you just draw a V and it turns on the light draw another V and it turns off now sometimes it’s not responsive sometimes it is another thing is double tap to wake we can also do a circle turns on the camera so just turn down the camera so that’s really nice you’ve got those options also now let’s unlock the phone here and as you can see the display is really nice it’s got really deep blacks and that’s really nice the one thing I find it’s it’s kind of got a blue tint to it I believe at least for me it’s oversaturated has this really really shiny blue tint to it for the most part it looks good if you’re not comparing it to another display it looks pretty nice now the display is that that’s about half or so and to give you an idea next to another one here I have a one plus one and it’s actually in the welcome screen so it’s just whatever the default is right now I can’t adjust anything and here is a one plus two and these are on auto brightness let me turn this back on and I’ll show you this one’s about the same turn it to half same lighting everything these are the default wallpapers actually too so just to give you an idea side-by-side the displays are a little bit different this is much more vibrant I think this one looks nice and they’re all very nice but next to each other the black seem really nice on this one even when you have set these two blacks as well so I think this this has the edge there but overall I think they’re pretty nice now you can see this is 5-inch it’s a little bit smaller and it’s other siblings which means it’s easier to use in one hand and when you use it on hand it’s nice of course you probably want that case because it’s so slippery you don’t want to drop it but it’s nice because it’s super thin so it’s easy to use this with one hand if you want to do that now before we get more into what the OS offers I want to talk a little bit about battery life the batteries pretty decent-size it’s 20 525 milliamp hours so that gives you pretty much a solid day or so when you’re using it I really don’t have any issues with with getting through a day with heavy use I would but would this wallpaper being as black as it is and let me turn the display settings here so it stops trimming off with this wallpaper being as dark as it is or really deep blacks what that means on an OLED display is it’s wrong thing here and what that means on an OLED display is that it keeps those pixels turned off so it saves you some power there so I just left it on the default background and I think overall without heavy usage it does pretty good there now with oxygen OS comes some of those different customizations here and you can see right here this is a neon green now if I want to change that I go into the settings and I can change let’s go up here you can see all the different settings but what I can what I can change is actual colors and buttons so if we go into buttons we can change the on scar on-screen navigation bar so I turn that on it puts it on the screen if I turn it off we can actually tap the center to go home and then customize the buttons back and forth so I have this is back this is the app switcher and it comes reversed I like the back button over here on this phone I think I got used to it with the oneplus one and that’s just how I have it but either way it’s customizable you’ve got long press actions give you all sorts of different customization options here here we have those gestures we went over and we also have we can draw with two figures fingers to play or pause music you can turn that on I don’t use that so I leave it off and then with the display we have adaptive brightness ambient display which is another option on this so we can wake the display when you receive a notification or you could leave it off or aught awake when your hand is near you have all these different options so those will take up more battery obviously so those are turned off by default and I actually just clicked the phone off and one thing I forgot to mention is these buttons are just as nice as an iPhone I guess those are kind of what the standard was as far as nice solid clicky buttons not mushy like the first one plus 1 1 plus 2 and the 1 plus X really fixed that and I forgot to mention that before now with more customization down here we’ve got customization we’ve got dark mode enabled accent color green you can pick from any of these so if I change say change it to gray here hit OK everything turns gray you can turn it to blue everything will turn blue so if I go back to the menu now everything’s blue so you have that nice option as well and let’s go down here we have all sorts of things as well and then one of the other things they add because this doesn’t have marshmallow yet it has app permissions so within all the apps that you have you have all these different app permissions so if I go into Android auto you can see there’s some right there if I go back it’s per app so each one of these apps has something a little bit different feedly all sorts of things so it’s really nice there now to show you how slippery this device is you can see it’s moving around let me turn it off turn it back on and let me unlock it without holding it now this is just kind of a flat top table you can see it just moved and I’ll put in my password here and I’m barely touching that screen so it slides around incredibly easy that’s a problem obviously so you want to set it on either a cloth surface or put a case on it it’s it’s kind of a no-brainer there now phone calls in reception with the device even though I don’t have my sim card in I had been using it for about a week or so with my sim card in it on and off different SIM cards trying things out just to get a real-life battery usage out of it and to see what it was like I made a few calls with it and call quality’s really good the speaker up here you can hear or hear everyone clearly they can hear you clearly and then when you’re on speakerphone or music the speakers not fantastic but your calls sound great and what you would expect just as good as any other phone if not a little bit better because I found that I get better reception with this device now my daily driver many many times is an iPhone 6s plus but I do like to carry a couple phones with me at all times so I’m usually carrying one or two Android phones in my iPhone and this gets in just about every situation one more bar of service than my iPhone in any certain situation so if I have this in the same exact area this will get one more bar of service than my iPhone does and that’s pretty impressive because the iPhone I use t-mobile the iPhone actually has LTE bands that this one does not so this phone is lacking a couple things to get it to that 250 budget price that it comes at so this one lacks the 700 megahertz band of LTE which is a newer band and should give you a little better reception and things but this actually like I said gets better reception than the phone I have with the 700 megahertz band in it so that’s pretty impressive there I thought the other thing that’s lacking is NFC so you’ve got no NFC you’ve got no fingerprint reader so that means you obviously can’t do the fingerprints you can’t do Android pay or any of those services unfortunately and it’s lacking a toe 2.11 AC Wi-Fi so it doesn’t have the fastest in but honestly it has BGN and that’s probably fast enough for most people this phone is actually pretty impressive as far as speed goes compared to its siblings the oneplus 2 and the oneplus one the oneplus 2 actually felt sometimes a little bit slower than this this never seems to lag and that might be due to the smaller display size and this smaller display things look pretty good and run pretty good for the most part the app switcher is nice and fast no slowdowns there but I didn’t want to show you one of the games I installed here to give you an idea what that’s like I can find it here there we go and now I do have quite a few other things open as well so if I go into the app switcher it’s quite a few things open and I’ve closed them all to kind of see if I get the same performance with this and it seems about the same exact performance no matter if those apps are open in the background or not you can see there’s some framerate drop already it doesn’t seem to handle this game that well and I want to show you a pretty intensive graphic game to give you an idea what it’s like so we’ll wait just a second here you can see there’s some stutter already it it’s playable but it’s definitely a little bit slow now when we’re talking about that game phone does get a little bit warm over time up in this area right here it’s not hot to the touch but it’s definitely warm and you can feel it now the last thing I want to show you is the actual camera oneplus does a great job of a pretty simple camera layout I have the grid turned on so we can use the rule of thirds let me bring the oneplus two behind it and it’s pretty fast when you’re taking when you take a photo so I can snap photos really quickly we can go back and take a look at him and it works pretty good we can go through and just delete these and it’s plenty fast when you’re taking photos and video and you’ve got some options here time lapse slow motion photo video panorama so the operating system is really close to stock Android and and that’s a really nice thing with those just few additions there now let me get in close I’ll take a photo and give you an idea what that looks like it’s it’s pretty good looking even if i zoom in you can see pretty good detail it’s pretty nice I think most people will be impressed especially for the price you really really can’t complain when you compare it to the other one plus phones they all have great cameras and this is no exception I have no problems with this the only downside is the lack of 4k video but you wouldn’t be able to see it on this display anyway because it’s 1080p so we’ll go home there and that’s pretty much it as far as the oneplus X goes I really like this phone especially for the price

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